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Bodyhaven Spa - Massage — Bodyhaven SpaHave you ever heard of the Nuru massage? Perhaps you have, or perhaps you are simply interested in trying out different types of massages. Nuru is a unique and special type of massage that originated in Japan and involves the use of body-to-body contact. The word “Nuru” actually means “slippery” in Japanese, which is fitting for a massage that involves the use of a special gel that has a slippery consistency. In this blog post, we will explore the wonderful world of massage nuru london and why it should be on your bucket list of things to try out in London.

  1. What is Nuru massage?

As mentioned earlier, Nuru massage is a type of massage that originated in Japan. It involves the use of a special gel that is made from a seaweed extract known as “Nori”. The gel has a slippery consistency that allows the masseuse or masseur to glide over the recipient’s body, creating a sensual and relaxing experience. Unlike traditional massages that involve the use of hands, Nuru massage involves the use of body-to-body contact and requires both parties to be completely naked


  1. Benefits of Nuru massage

Aside from the obvious pleasure and relaxation that Nuru massage provides, there are also several health benefits to be gained. Due to the slippery nature of the gel, it creates a sensation of weightlessness, which can help to relieve stress on the body. The gel also contains many essential vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, vitamins A and C, and iron. These nutrients can help to improve the skin’s health and appearance, as well as boost the immune system.

  1. What to expect during a Nuru massage session

If you have never tried a Nuru massage before, you may be wondering what to expect during a session. Firstly, you will need to find a reputable spa or massage parlor that offers Nuru massage. Once you arrive at the spa, you will be asked to remove all of your clothes and shower before the massage begins. The masseuse or masseur will then cover your body in the special gel, before using their own body to massage your back, legs, and other areas. The massage will be slow and sensual, creating a unique and intimate experience. The session will typically end with a happy ending, which involves the recipient reaching orgasm.


  1. Tips for finding a reputable Nuru massage spa

It is important to do your research before booking a Nuru massage session, as there are unfortunately many illegitimate spas and massage parlors that offer this type of massage. Make sure to read reviews online and ask for recommendations from friends or acquaintances who have tried Nuru massage before. Look for a spa that is clean, professional, and has a good reputation. Avoid any spas or massage parlors that offer “extra” services, as these are usually illegal and can be dangerous.

  1. Final thoughts

If you are looking for a unique and special massage experience, Nuru massage is definitely worth trying. It offers a completely different type of tactile experience that is both sensual and relaxing, while also providing a range of health benefits. Just make sure to find a reputable spa or massage parlor to ensure that you have the best possible experience.



In conclusion, Nuru massage is a type of massage that provides a unique and enjoyable experience. It is a sensual and relaxing massage that can be beneficial to the body’s health. When selecting a spa or massage parlor, it is essential to pick carefully and choose a reputable provider. If you want to try out something different, Nuru massage is a highly recommended choice. Contact a reputable Nuru spa in London and experience the magic of this slippery massage.

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