How To Boost The Efficiency Of Your Air Conditioning Unit

Having an air conditioning unit that doesn’t function the way it should is pointless. But an air conditioning unit that isn’t energy-efficient is even worse because your energy bills get higher as well. To have cool and comfortable temperatures during the last few weeks of warm weather in Auckland, you need to keep your air conditioning Auckland unit maintained. But to have lower energy bills, you also need to take steps that will boost its efficiency. Here’s how to do this: 

Install A Programmable Thermostat 

Some air conditioning units come with a programmable thermostat already installed, which is the first step in boosting its efficiency. However, if you have a system without one, not all is lost. You can still install a programmable thermostat if you need one in your air conditioning unit. With a programmable thermostat, you can maintain stable and comfortable temperatures in your Auckland home without consuming more energy. 

If you change the temperature of your thermostat by a few degrees, you most likely won’t feel the difference, but the difference in your energy bill will be very noticeable! The added energy consumption will cost more, so to save on money and be more efficient, a programmable thermostat will keep the temperature consistent for as long as you run it. All you need to do is set your air conditioning unit to run at a preferred temperature at specific times each day, to save on energy and increase efficiency. 

Change The Air Filter 

Every air conditioning unit contains an air filter. They trap impurities in the air, ensuring that the cool air your get out of the system is clean. However, over time the dirt builds up in the filters, which is why they are cleaned every time your unit gets serviced. If you skimp on maintenance and think that you can get away without servicing your machine as often as you should, to save money, the air filters will get more clogged as the weeks pass. 

With air filters that are blocked, the dirt will spread around the interior of the system, causing malfunctions and faults. However, by the time that has happened, your air conditioning unit will be at the least energy efficient it has ever been. Because the air filters are blocked up with dust, microscopic fibres and pollen, the system will be straining to function. If it strains, more energy will be used. Moreover, if you can’t feel the air coming out of your air conditioning unit because the filters are clogged, you might run the system more often and for longer, at lower temperatures. This behaviour will also use more energy, and you won’t even benefit from it! But if you get the system serviced and maintained when you should, your efficiency will go back to normal – and so will your energy bills. 

Inspect The Air Ducts 

When you need to inspect the air ducts in your home, it doesn’t mean you have to get a ladder and start crawling through the ceiling. But you should schedule a regular inspection by a professional. The ducts in your home are responsible for transferring and spreading the cooling from the air conditioning unit around your home. That means that if you can’t feel the cooling in a particular room, the fault might not be within the air conditioner. It might be in the ducts. If there were a leak, breakage, or blockage in the ducts, the cold air would dissipate, or not reach every section of the building. Needless to say, running your air conditioning system without being able to feel it is a waste of money and energy. If you’re experiencing this, make sure to schedule an inspection of your ducts. 

Schedule Regular Maintenance 

Fortunately, the easiest way to boost the performance and energy-efficiency of your air conditioning unit is to look after it properly. By having it maintained regularly, you won’t get a high energy bill in the mail, because problems that cause wasteful energy consumption will be prevented. The best times to schedule maintenance is before summer when the air filters are full of pollen from the springtime. 

It’s easy to boost the efficiency of your air conditioning system if you follow these tips. Keeping your temperatures at consistent temperatures, and maintaining the unit when you should, should keep it energy-efficient and save money at the same time.  You won’t have expensive repair bills, or a malfunctioning air conditioning unit. Schedule the maintenance in Auckland today with Fonko, your air conditioning and energy-efficiency solution. 

By Cole Harris

Sawyer Cole Harris: Sawyer, a DIY enthusiast, shares home project tutorials, woodworking tips, and creative ways to personalize your space.