How to Organize Your Garage Cleanout 

If your garage has gotten out of hand with piles of stored goods, unused items, and other junk, there is a quick and efficient way to make sure you are able to clean it out without letting the task become too daunting and scary. 

For a lot of people simply mentioning the idea of cleaning out the garage can cause a cold shiver down their spine. Packed with years of junk that has moved through the house and found a home in the garage, Christmas ornaments, Halloween decorations, and seasonal supplies garages can be a daunting cleaning and organizational task for even the most organized homeowner. 

Here are a few tips to help you plan ahead and make your garage cleanout more efficient and organized.

Schedule it: If you do not take the time to schedule your garage cleanout, it is very easy to keep letting it slide further and further into the future. 

Sort: Sorting through everything in your garage to begin is key. Sort everything into piles, making sure you know what you want to keep and what is going to be thrown away.

Clear it out: Remove everything from the garage (while sorting), thus clearing space in order to have better access to cleaning every surface. While doing this, you should check for any signs of pest or insect infestations.

Haul the junk: Finally, when you have cleaned the garage, sorted everything into piles, and are left with your junk pile, all you have left is to recycle or throw out the junk. Calling professional removal teams like those at Dad and Sons Hauling can help make sure your garage clearout junk is removed from your property quickly, efficiently, and at a good cost. They can also make sure that everything you want to toss is taken to the proper recycling or waste facility. 

This post was written by Chad Merk. Chad is the owner of Dad and Son Hauling. Dad and Son Hauling is a family-owned and operated company that offers junk removal in St Petersburg FL. They do everything from full house cleanouts to simple appliance removal. Dad and Son hauling is your one-stop shop for all your Junk removal needs.

By Cole Harris

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