How To Renovate Your Room While Spending Little

When we think about retirement, there is a lazy feeling of thinking about the break-in, the mess, the expenses. However, you can save money and work with some tips and have a brand-new room without much effort and, mainly, with little money.

Paint The Walls

Changing the colors of the walls when you want to renovate bedroom ( รี โน เวท ห้อง นอน which is the term in Thai), betting on textures and even wallpaper can be a huge differentiator and will not give you a lot of work and will not demand so much of your budget. If the money is too short, invest only in materials and put your hands in the dough to avoid spending on labor. If you are missing ideas and inspirations, we have prepared an article with several ideas and a tendency to change the colors of your room.

Blankets And Cushions

Bedding is an essential part of decorating a room; after entering, it is one of the first things to repair. So, investing in elements to make this part of your room more beautiful is an important step to redesign the room.

However, we know how expensive an entire layette can be, and to help you on this mission, here’s a golden tip: bet on pillow covers and blankets with varied textures and prints, so you can give your bed a new look without spending a lot.

Changing The Headboard

Would you like to change your bed, but the price for this change is too expensive? So bet on a new headboard, the difference will be huge, and the work and price will be small.

You can choose a ready-made headboard or even assemble your own from individual boards that can be easily installed and, the best, customized in your way.

Small Furniture

Small furniture such as ottomans, shoehorns, and bedside tables can give a special touch to the decor, especially if used innovatively. They can also be functional and help you organize the room.

To choose this furniture, it is essential to observe the other elements of the room and make them combine, so if your wardrobe is white, for example, choose a nightstand of the same color or, if your headboard is suede gray, choose a pouf or shoehorn in the same tone and texture.


Investing in some lighting elements can be a differential in the room’s renovation without great expenses. For this, you can count on some super high elements, like led wires, carbon filament lamps, pendants, and, why not, natural lighting.

The lighting of an environment can make a big difference in the decoration and comfort of the room; having more than one light source in the room is essential to adapt it to the needs of each moment of the day or night.

Taking Ideas Off Paper

To renovate, decorate and transform your room, the important thing is to act, take the ideas off the paper and make them a reality. Do a lot of research on materials and elements to add to your decor, plan the changes carefully and get your hands dirty.

By Cole Harris

Sawyer Cole Harris: Sawyer, a DIY enthusiast, shares home project tutorials, woodworking tips, and creative ways to personalize your space.