How to repair a leaking roof by yourself?

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The uncertain weather of Los Angeles many times causes leakage of roofs. The leaking roof is the major problem and it should be repaired immediately. It can cause damage to the interiors of the home and also structural damages. It also results in mold growth. The continuous leakage of water, sometimes also catches fire. So, here are some tips to repair leaking roof. 

    • Find the area of roof leak – For repairing a leaky roof, first you should have to check the area that is leaking. Look on the missing, curled and cracked shingles. Leaks occur at main points where roofing shingles and tiles butt. Also, check the presence of end caps that cover the roof peak because it is also the source of roof leakage. 
    • Fixed the curled shingles – The curled shingles can be re- secured by the brush coating of the asphalt roofing material or you can also go with other compounds by using a caulk gun. You have to apply a large amount of roofing material or cement at the shingle’s undersides and make sure that the corners are fully secured. Then, press it to set.
    • Replace districted shingles – If any shingle in missing, damaged etc., replacing it is also an effective repair of leaking roof. For removing it, you have to lift the corner of the other shingles and then remove the nail by the use of a pry bar. After the removal of the nail, the shingle slides down. Also, wipe out the cement residue. Now, fix a new shingle by sliding it under other and position it. Secure it with nails.


  • Fix flashing – If the leaking of the roof is caused by metal flashing, simply reseal the joints and fill it with roofing cement. If the joints are damaged, then apply new coating with putty knife. But if the shingles are sliding too easily, you have to call Los Angles roofing contractors they will provide full service of replacement, new installation with best solutions. 



By Cole Harris

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