Tips and Tricks to Stay Warm At Home


You can truly never have too many blankets, especially around winter time. A good trick to finding a blanket that retains warmth is choosing the right materials. Cotton, merino wool, fleece, synthetic fibres and cashmere are incredible for holding onto body heat and keeping you warm. Blankets stuffed with down and synthetic insulation are also great options for curling up on the couch, and are usually made big enough to share the blanket with a loved one.

Robes and Lounge Wear

Loungewear has been super popular recently, keeping us all looking stylish while being comfortable all at once! If you’re working from home, or spending a lot of time cozying up indoors this winter, why not do it in a beautiful loungewear set?

Vintage jumpers, hoodies, sweaters and cozy socks are just a few options. For those who like to be extra cozy, robes are definitely appropriate home attire. From a big fluffy robe, to a thin silk robe, there’s a variety of textures, patterns and aesthetics to choose from. Finally, let’s not forget about the iconic onesie, and the oodie. These two items are interchangeably sleepwear and loungewear, for ultimate comfort and warmth.

Heating Appliances

There is an array of heating appliances you can buy to use instead of running the central heating. Portable heaters are cheap and convenient way to keep you warm on the spot, fan heaters and oil heaters are both budget friendly, and available from most appliance stores.

A hot water bottle or wheat bag is also a great way to keep your energy usage low, and keep yourself toasty warm during the winter months. These can also be doubled for treating sore muscles and body cramps.


Thermals are a winter essential, and great for layering. The fabric technology works in a way which allows body heat to be insulated through the material, while releasing water vapour for sweet to keep you warm and dry.

Keeping certain body parts warm will also be useful, our feet, torso, and head lose heat the fastest. Thermal socks should be an essential part of any winter wardrobe, these can be slept in or worn out and about. Their fibre technology provides an extra layer of insulation in the socks, providing an insulation effect. Thermal socks can be found from most shops, and available in a range of thermal textiles and designs.

Home Upgrades

If you have been looking to do some home upgrades for a while, winter could be a great time to do so. Changing your insulation is a great way to keep heat inside the house, and making the most out of your central heater’s efforts.

Fibreglass, cellulose and spray foam are some popular choices, however each home’s requirements are different. Underfloor heating is also a great way to keep your home heated evenly, andcan be installed to be energy efficient. This is quiet a big renovation, but is worthwhile and adds an extra touch of luxury to your home.

By Cole Harris

Sawyer Cole Harris: Sawyer, a DIY enthusiast, shares home project tutorials, woodworking tips, and creative ways to personalize your space.