Window Replacement Basics: Cost, Materials, And Process

Windows are an essential part of our homes. They give the look and feel to our property. For instance, you can have big modern glass windows to make your property look modern or you can have French windows to give it a Victorian feel and so on.

But windows not only give look to our property but also serves useful functions. Windows can keep the heat, humidity and cold from entering our homes. This makes living comfortable. 

Windows also keep our utility bills down. If the outside temperature keeps coming in we will be spending more money on air conditioner or heater to maintain the environment inside.

This is why when it comes to getting replacement windows you have to put in a lot of thought.

What Kind Of Windows You Want?

The first thing you should think of is what style, look and feel do you want for your windows. Do you want big glass windows? Do you want French or Victorian Windows? Do you just want to replace the existing frames with new ones or do you want to change the size or style of windows. 

This will determine what kind of contractor you need and what kind of material you need to buy, also the cost. Obviously if you were to break the wall and plaster it again to make bigger windows, it will cost you a little more but can instantly give your home a modern look and raise its value too.

Remember not all contractors can do all kinds of windows so you have to choose your contractor based on the kind of window you want to install.

What Kind Of Glass You Prefer For Your New Windows?

Next you want to decide what kind of glass and frames you want? Do you want more energy efficient windows in which case you will need to buy windows and hire a contractor who deals with PVC or fiberglass? 

If you are looking for a glass window, make sure not buy anything less than a two pane glass or your home won’t be energy efficient. It won’t be able to block the sun and cold. You will always feel too hot or too cold and will have to use your air conditioner and heater a lot more, increasing the cost of utility.

The Actual Cost Of Window Replacement

In general replacement windows cost you between $100-200 per window. But this can change depending on the frame you choose, the glass you choose, if you use the existing size or if you decide to extend your windows. Also, if you have odd size windows, it could cost a little more because they will have to cut glass for a different size that can cause more wastage.

None of this should keep you from getting new windows. These pointers are to help you plan better so your replacement window jobs flows smoothly and efficiently.

Right Contractor = Safe, Experienced And Reliable Contractor

The only other thing to keep in mind is that you hire a contractor who has a business license. This way you will find him later if you need. You don’t want someone to put the windows and disappear.

He is someone who has worked and has satisfied clients. Have him provide you will a few references you can speak to before hiring him. 

Get A Quote And Warranty Coverage From Contractor Before Starting

It is always a good idea to get the quote for the job from at least 3-5 contractors. And finally, make sure your windows come with at least a 10 year warranty and the workmanship has about two years of warranty. These are standard replacement window terms.

And that is it. As long as you think about these things and plan them, you will have no issue and end up with new beautiful windows that will make your property amazing, increase its value, lower your utility bills and make it pleasurable for you to live in.

Now all you have to do is let the contractor buy the stuff or you provide him with it and have him replace your windows.

By Cole Harris

Sawyer Cole Harris: Sawyer, a DIY enthusiast, shares home project tutorials, woodworking tips, and creative ways to personalize your space.